Saturday, May 30, 2020

Project #33 - Shadow Drawing

Materials - Paper and pen, marker or pencil

Making -
1.  You can work inside or outside, wherever the lighting is creating clear shadows on your paper. When you are working outside on a sunny day, the shadows will be bigger and longer in the early morning or late afternoon. That is because the sun is positioned at an angle. When it is in the middle of the day, the sun is overhead, so the shadows will be smaller and directly beneath your objects.
2.  Move your paper and object around until you find the best shadow for tracing.
3.  Trace the shape by drawing along the edge of the shadow.
4.  When you are finished tracing, you can freely draw more details.
5.  Then you can draw of paint some color into your picture to complete it.
6.  Maybe you could even make up a story to go along with your art!

Inspiration - Vincent Bal is a Belgian artist and filmmaker. One day back in 2016, while working at his desk, he noticed that the shadow of his teacup looked like an elephant. He enjoyed that discovery so much, that he decided that he'd do a new shadow drawing every day! He calls this style of drawing "shadowology". You can find his shadow drawings on Instagram and on YouTube.

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