Saturday, May 30, 2020

Project #32 - Playing With Fashion!

Design sketches by Cecilia
Materials - Paper, cardboard, pencil, marker, colored pencils, scissors.

Making -
1.  Draw a figure on cardboard.
2.  Cut it out.
3.  Use the figure as a stencil, and trace it several times onto paper.
4.  Imagine an outfit and start with pencil, if you like.
5.  Use pen to make final outline and details.
6.  Add color.
7.  Imagine your next fashion!
Inspiration - Today's inspiration is the art of Cecilia, a middle school student who loves all kinds of art making, including the design and making of clothes. Cece's interest in design began when she was in K-4 and would dress her dolls with fabric and ribbon. As she got older, she would cut and glue stuff together. Eventually, she learned to use a sewing machine. Cecilia says the thing she enjoys the most is being inspired by the right fabric and trims. The most challenging is when her fabric doesn't work out, because it shrinks or falls apart. In the future, Cecilia would like to learn how to make shoes, so she can make them to match her clothes.

Thanks, Cecilia, for sharing your artistic talents with us here on the Fratney Art Blog!

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