Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Project #31 - Collections of Objects

Materials - objects of a similar theme/activity, or objects from a collection. Optional: camera to document items, piece of paper and something to write with.

Making -
1. Find a great place to sit and make.

2. Read about artist Jim Golden below for inspiration for this project. Think about: what are some collections that you have? What about some collections that a friend or family member has? What about objects that you have that all relate to one theme (ex. Going camping, going for a walk, getting ready, making a food)? Can you make a rainbow out of objects in your house?

3. Pick out what collection/theme you will focus on. Get and organize your objects! Think about how you can display/arrange them. 
4. Take a photo of your objects if possible.
5. Optional: Write about the collection and why it is important to you. If you worked with a family member or friend’s items, interview them and see why the objects are important to them. 

Inspiration - Jim Golden is a photographer that specializes in stil life and products. He has worked in New York and Portland. He believes that collecting is human nature. He thinks that it is important to find things that you like, hang on to them, and enjoy them. This project below is part of his project called “Collections.” In his “Collections” series, he collects images of other people’s collections. Think about it: what can you photograph of one of your collections or themed objects?