Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Project #30 - ¡Las cometas!

Materials - Old sock or fabric scrap (approx. 6" square), popcorn, uncooked beans or rice, rubber bands, markers, a spoon, scissors, ribbon, crepe paper, yarn... and a nice day to go out and play!

1.  If you want, decorate the fabric or sock with markers.
2.  Fill the fabric or sock with popcorn, rice or beans,
3.  Close it tightly with a rubber band.
4.  Cut some varying and long lengths of ribbon, crepe paper, yarn (whatever you can find)
5.  Tie the long strands of various materials onto the cometa tightly with yarn or string.
6.  Go outside and have fun throwing your cometa into the air!  Play catch with a friend or family member!

Inspiration - My inspiration to make cometas comes from my friend, Ximena, who taught me how to make them.  She is very resourceful with materials for making art. Ximena is a poet and artist from Chile. She was also a first grade teacher at La Escuela Fratney for many years. During that time, we did many creative projects together.

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