Monday, March 23, 2020

Project #4 - Silly Drawing & Surrealism, Food Edition

Materials - Paper and pencil (or pen, marker, crayon, chalk)

1.  Sit in a place where you feel calm and comfortable.
2.  Read through the prompts and start with the one that grabs your imagination the best.
3.  Draw large to give space for lots of details. 
4.  When you think your done, add 3 more details.
5.  Pick another prompt. Repeat steps 1-5. 

Silly Drawing, Food
1 Draw a piece of fruit in outer space.
2 Draw a Pop Tart lifting weights.
3 Draw a loaf of bread at a disco.
4 Draw a rainstorm of sprinkles.
5 Draw french fries on a rollercoaster.
6 Draw a food eating another food.
7 Draw a walking taco.
8 Draw chicken wings flying.
9 Draw a banana slipping on banana peels.
10 Draw a cookie with googly eyes instead of chocolate chips.
11 Draw a pineapple rollerblading.
12 Draw a piece of asparagus snowboarding.
13 Draw an annoying orange.
14 Draw a donut riding a skateboard.
15 Draw a turkey leg eating a turkey sandwich.
16 Draw a cheeseburger wearing a dress.
17 Draw a banana in pajamas.
18 Draw a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on vacation.
19 Draw an apple talking to your art teacher.
20 Draw a hot dog flying.
21 Draw a lemon making orange juice.
22 Draw an ice cream cone eating a Popsicle.
23 Draw a garden of lollipops.

Inspiration - Paul Fuentes is a contemporary designer, photographer and surrealist artist who lives in Mexico City. Like many surrealist artists now and throughout history, Paul Fuentes makes art that surprises us by combining two different things in a way that we would not see in real life. Check out more of his art at
Cat Sushi

Taco Bag

Planet Soup

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