Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Fratney Garden Project Update

In early March, the 5th grade Art Club began leading a schoolwide garden project, in part for the Carton2Garden Program, https://carton2garden.com. Students began by sketching ideas, and a strong direction emerged. They wanted to build a greenhouse that would help us get a headstart on the growing season, a great idea when you live in Wisconsin! Most of their drawings also included plans to collect and store rainwater, create vertical gardens, and make birdhouses.
Several adults are helping with the project. Our school's social worker, Milissa, introduced the project to us, and helps with the work and gathering materials. Molly Hassler is a visiting artist brought to our school through the Lynden Sculpture Garden.  Molly helps us with the creative planning and artistic vision. Ron Hrlevich is a neighbor and carpenter who brings his building expertise. Mr. Gray, our building custodian helps us collect recycled materials for the project. He also gives us equipment for doing the work, like wheelbarrows and shovels. Also, Mike Marek, parent of Otto and Alika, will be supplying the compost and gravel for inside the greenhouse.

We will continue to post updates on this garden project, and are especially thinking about how students can help during these days of "social distancing'.  Here is a time lapse video that shows our first day of working on the front lawn of our school.

Students cutting pvc sections for the greenhouse roof.

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