Sunday, March 22, 2020

Project #3 - Making Plastic Yarn (Plarn)

Somos protectores de la vida y el ambiente del planeta Tierra. 

We are caretakers for the life and environment of the planet Earth. 

The above statements are part of La Escuela Fratney's third theme each school year.  In the Fratney Art Room, we often make art using recycled materials, while talking about the importance of caring for all life and the environment. 

In this project, I am sharing something that we learned during a Fratney Community Night from parents Lane Burns, Jason Boose and their friend, Jess Poisl.  Plarn can be used in any way that you use regular yarn. In future posts, we can make art using our plastic yarn.

Materials - Plastic grocery bags, scissors

Making -  1. Smooth and flatten bag.  2.  Cut off the bottom seam and top handles.

3.  Cut bag from side to side in 1/2" - 1" strips.  4.  You now have several loops of plastic that you can connect together, as shown in the video below.  To store the plastic yarn and keep it from tangling, wrap it around a scrap of cardboard or a stick.

Inspiration - Lane Burns is an artist living in Milwaukee and the mom of Malcolm and August. She works with lots of different materials, including recycled plastics. This is just one example of her beautiful work: 


  1. Sue~this is so lovely. What a treasure you are to students.

    1. Thank you. It is easy to feel inspired around the students at Fratney!