Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Project #23 - Mythical Creatures Inspired by Curiot

Materials - Paper, pencil, watercolor paints/other paints or markers/colored pencils

1. Find a great place to sit and make art.
2. Find a piece of paper and gather your supplies. 
3. Think of a mythical creature that you would like to create - you can combine human and animal characteristics.
4. Does your creature have a story? Keep that in mind as you make…
5. Sketch out your creature. Include shapes and patterns!
6. You can outline in marker if you want.
7. Use bright color to fill in your creature.
8. Write out your creature’s story. 
My creature is an explorer at the bottom of the ocean. He came across a city that looks much like Milwaukee! 

Curiot (Favio Martinez) is a Mexico-city based painter and street artist that creates vibrant mythical creatures that are part animal and part human. Much of his work can be found in large murals on the street. His creatures are inspired by Mexican folklore and traditions, including tribal art, Day of the Dead, and geometric designs. In his work, look for geometric patterns and lively colors. Take a look at some of his work below to get inspired to create your own mythical creature that tells a story of your own! You can research traditions and gather inspiration, or, you can create a story. Think about: How can you combine human elements/animals? How can you use bright colors, shapes, and patterns?

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