Wednesday, March 18, 2020

A Space to Create

You never know when the creative spirit will come, so talk to your family and come up with a plan. It's important to choose a space to make art.  Is it the kitchen table, a desk in your bedroom, or a small table in a cozy corner of the house?  Next, you will need some materials and a place to put them. Start with something simple, like a shoebox with any kind of paper and pencil, pens or crayons. Be on the lookout for other materials to add to a collection for art making. Don't forget natural items that you can collect while taking a walk, such as sticks, leaves, and stones.

When the artistic mood strikes, you'll be ready!  If you're using messier materials, like paint, cover your work space with a cut-up grocery bag or flattened cardboard box. 

Your family will enjoy displaying your artwork as much as you will enjoy making it!


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    1. Thanks! I will post daily. Send photos of the art being made in your family, or any ideas you'd like to share and I will post them here. My school email is

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    1. Thanks for your message. I love art too! Have you been making any art at home this week? What ideas can I help you with?