Thursday, May 21, 2020

Project #27 - Experimental Printing

Materials - Plastic wrap (from the kitchen), markers or any type of paint

1. Find a great place to sit and make art
2. Gather your materials
3. Put out the plastic flat on a surface
4. Put down color (either markers or paint) on plastic. 
5. Make a design, try to mix colors, or experiment with text. Use work from artist Christopher Wool as an example!
6. Lay paper on top of the color and press. Slowly pull up. 
7. Try another print over the color with another paper, or lay down some more colors/wipe off the plastic and try again! 

Inspiration -Christopher Wool is an artist who uses many different styles to create art, such as spray painting, screen-printing, lithograph printing, hand painting, and other methods. He often paints in layers and uses strategies to show gestures, depth, and flatness. He often experiments in his artwork processes. Take a look at his prints below and think: how can you experiment with how you apply paint and color to create a print?