Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Project #22 - Cardboard Places

Thank you Ms Bri (our Fratney student art teacher), for your second Wednesday project post! I think it is a super thoughtful idea to make art that imagines our inside and outside spaces during this time in which we are all practicing social distancing.

Materials - Cardboard (delivery box, tissue box, shoe box, or pieces of cardboard), paint/paper, scissors, glue/tape, markers/crayons/pens/pencils. Other materials you may want to add. 

Making -

1. Find a box. You can cut away part of it if you want to show the inside. 

2.  Pick a place you want to show. Maybe where you live, a specific room, somewhere you like to spend time, or some place you like to go in your community.

3. Paint the box or glue on construction paper for a base. 

4.  Use paint, paper, markers, and other pieces of cardboard to create the inside and outside of your place. Think about details of the place you choose. 

Make some details out of cardboard and paper for your place. 
4. Glue or tape on details on the inside and outside of the place. Add more details with markers if you want!

NOTE - If you do not have a box, use a flat piece of paper to make a relief (when pieces of a sculpture are attached to a background. See below for examples!)

Inspiration - 
Ana Serrano is a first-generation Mexican American artist who is inspired by her dual cultural identities. In much of her work, she uses bright colors of cardboard and paper to create buildings inspired by Latino neighborhoods across the US and in her hometown of Los Angeles. She looks at details of places and how people decorate their homes and businesses. Take a look at some examples of her work, and check out her website for even more examples!
If you don’t have a cardboard box, check out these examples that use layering: 


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