Monday, April 27, 2020

Project #21 - Still Life in 4 Styles

Materials - Still life objects, paper, pen or pencil, any variety of materials that you have available to add color, such as markers, crayons, oil pastels, chalk, watercolor, acrylic paints, etc.

1.  Set up a still life on your table.
2.  Fold your paper in 1/2 in both directions to create 4 separate boxes on your paper.
3.  Number the boxes. Assign a separate style for each one. 
4.  Make a sketch in each box, using a different style for each. 
  • For me, box #1 is "impressionism", a loose style made with dabs of blended colors. Line is not important, so the sketch in this box is simple and light. 
  • Box #2 is "cubism", a style characterized by a space that is fragmented, so I started by drawing lines that make the space look like a broken window. Then I sketched the still life. Every time i drew up to a line, I continued drawing, but picked a different spot to continue, so that each object appears broken or fragmented.
  • Box #3 is "pop art", a cartoon like style where lines shapes and colors are very bold and simplified.
  • Box #4 is "fauvism", a more colorful and rough style that often has bold dark outlines.
You can try these same styles, make up your own, or research to find other styles to try.

Inspiration - I chose four artists from the history of art, who are very well known for their groundbreaking use of a specific approach to painting. Here are some typical examples of their art:

Impressionist Style - Henri Matisse, "Still Life with Pitcher"                  Cubist Style - Georges Braque

Fauvist Style - Gabriele Munter
Pop Art Style - Roy Lichtenstein