Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Project #18 - Sharing Your Essential Knowledge

Happy Earth Day Fratney students & friends!
Bri Sayeg, Fratney student art teacher, is posting her first project to our blog today. "Sharing Your Essential Knowledge", is a fun way to use drawing and writing to teach other people about something you are interested in &/or know a lot about. This approach to making art is the inspiration of Milwaukee-based artist Colin Matthes. You can learn more about Colin at the end of Bri's post. Enjoy!

Hi Fratney students! Click on this link to see "How to keep a plant alive!!!"
Materials - Paper and marker (or paint, pen, pencil, crayon)

Making -
1. Sit in a place where you feel calm and comfortable. 
2. Look at some of the examples from the artist, Colin Matthes, to help come up with some ideas of your own “essential knowledge.”
3. Think of something you are good at. If you are stuck, read the list below for some ideas. 
4. Draw your knowledge. Include these three elements in your design: title, directions, and images. 
5. Add some contrast - light and dark colors/shapes. 
6. If you want to do another, pick a new idea!

  • How to make a food (something you like to make!)
  • How to play a game 
  • How to do a dance 
  • How to draw/paint something
  • How to do a sport
  • How to decorate/celebrate for a holiday
  • How to go camping/do something outside 
  • How to do something with someone 
  • How to be great at…
  • How to do a daily task 
Colin Matthes is an artist from Milwaukee. He works on collaborative projects with Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative and does individual projects as well. For one of his projects, Essential Knowledge, he creates drawings teaching skills for success in challenging situations and tells stories. Here are some examples of his work. As you look over them, think, what is something that you know how to do well? 

Total Essential Knowledge is another project that is ongoing that he works on. He facilitates events that allow participants to find something unique they do, know or think and create an instructional drawing to share their information. He was an artist in residence at La Escuela Fratney in 2018. During his time at Fratney, he had students share their curiosity, experiences, and interests through narratives using drawing and text in dip pens, brushes, and ink. Check out this link for some examples of the project:

Images from Colin Matthes’ Essential Knowledge: