Monday, April 13, 2020

Project #14 - Origami Flower

For this project, I made origami paper from the watercolor crayon resist paper made during Project #9 - Texture Walk (Inside). 

Materials - Any thin sturdy paper, scissors and pencil (to make your paper square).

1.  Follow the steps in the video. It helps to enlarge the video on your screen.
2.  Be sure to pause and replay as much as you need to. 

Inspiration - I love the spiral at the center of these origami flowers. It captures the unfolding of Spring that is happening right now. Below are some photos of spirals in nature. Can you think of any other examples? It would be a good challenge to look for spirals when you are out for a walk.


  1. Hi Ms. Sue! I really love seeing the work that you and your students have been doing to keep yur creative brains active during the closure! Is it ok with you if I share this one, and some of your other project ideas with my students at Escuela Vieau?

    1. Absolutely. Help yourself! I have enjoyed all of the sharing going on between art teachers!