Monday, April 6, 2020

Project #12 - Texture Walk (Outside)

Materials - Peeled crayons, sturdy thin paper (I used 11"x17" printer paper), OPT watercolor supplies.

1.  Take a walk in your neighborhood, equipped with the above materials.
2.  Be on the look out for texture surfaces. They can't be too rough or too smooth. A mostly flat surface with slightly raised or sunken-in details works best. We used sewer covers, fire hydrants, mailboxes, cars, brick walls, fences, and plastic park benches.
3.  Be careful when you are working near any streets. It's good to have an adult safety spotter, especially when you are working with a texture low to the ground, where you might not be easily seen.
4.  Place your paper over the textured surface and hold it firmly in place.
5.  Rub the side of the crayon on the paper firmly and from different directions.
6.  I found it interesting to use 2-3 different colors and collage many different images onto each sheet of paper.
7.  OPT - Paint a watercolor wash over the crayon design.

Inspiration - A collective of artists based in Berlin, Germany, travel around Europe using an art making technique known as guerrilla printing. They use interesting patterns on manhole covers, public utility boxes and other surfaces to create prints on t-shirts and canvas bags. They call themselves the "Raubdruckerin", which means the pirate printers.

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