Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Introducing Bri Sayeg - Student Art Teacher with Fratney

Hello! My name is Ms. Bri, and I am the new student teacher with Ms. Sue. I know that we are all surprised to be in this situation.  I would normally be meeting students in the art room at La Escuela Fratney. For now, I will be joining Ms. Sue to communicate with you in the virtual ways that are available to us. 

I go to school at UW- Milwaukee, and I will be graduating this year to become an art teacher. My favorite kind of art is painting! I like making paintings of people that are important to me. I also love experimenting to make art with materials that I have at home. I am looking forward to meeting as many of you online as possible to make some great art. 

(From Ms Sue) Hello Fratney students and families. Let's give a warm welcome to Bri Sayeg, our student art teacher this Spring. I want to share the ways we will continue to stay in touch with you while the schools are closed and teaching and learning have moved online.
  • In addition to the projects and other information that you can find here on this blog, Bri will be posting a project every Wednesday. Both of us are trying our best to offer students interesting art activities using materials that you might already have at home. There is a way to leave us comments at the bottom of every post.
  • You will receive an email message from us every Monday. Please feel free to communicate with us at my email,
  • You can also post your artwork (and see the artwork of other Fratney students) on Instagram using the hashtag, #laescuelafratneyart.
  • Finally, we are piloting video conference art classes for Fratney students in 2nd through 5th grade. If you are interested, contact me via the email listed above.
Please let us know if you have other ideas for how we can make art or just talk to each other during this unusual time of social distancing.