Thursday, April 2, 2020

Guest Artists - Cece, Elliott, Everett & Lula

Cecelia, Elliott and their mom used perla bead trays and bricks to make these watercolor-crayon resists. The all-over pattern of the crayon rubbings combined with the fluid watercolors are so pleasing to make and to look at.  They resemble the sky at sunrise/sunset, and are works of art just as they are, but I can help but imagine what more could be added!
Everett and his dad have been making instructional videos. Super impressed with Everett and his origami crane video:
It's great to see Fratney students going outside to be in nature during these days of social distancing. Lula and her Mom collected branches during a recent walk, then worked together to make this crown. The base of the crown is made from a cereal box. Super creative and nature-loving! Lula has been using the crown as a costume for creating plays!

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