Monday, March 30, 2020

Project #8 - Paper Beads

Hi Fratney students and friends! It's been two weeks since we were at school together, and I am missing you!  It will be a joyful reunion when we are back at school!  Until then, I hope you are each feeling happy and healthy at home with your family. 

I was thinking about Project #6 - Personal Color Bracelets and what you can do if you don't have any beads at your house. You can make your own!

Materials - Colorful recycled paper (old magazines or calendars work well), scissors, a pencil, glue

Making -
1.  Cut paper into long strips. They can be rectangular, but a long triangle looks best.
2.  To make each bead, roll a strip of paper around your pencil with the colorful side outward facing. 
3.  Add glue in the final inch or so to hold the bead's shape. 
4.  Count for 10-20 seconds to let the glue dry.
5.  Once you have several beads made, you are ready to make bracelets, or even necklaces.

Optional step - You could put a shiny finish onto the beads using watered down glue or an acrylic varnish.

Inspiration - A group of women who live in Uganda work together in a collective business using recycled paper to make beautiful paper beads and jewelry.  You can see them working at

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