Friday, March 27, 2020

Project #6 - Personal Color Bracelets

Red - loving, energetic, outgoing
Pink - affectionate, happy, gentle
Orange - funny, adventurous, impulsive
Yellow - social, enthusiastic, helpful
Green - caring, dependable, creative
Blue - peaceful, sensitive, loyal
Purple - generous, spiritual, charming
White -  honest, calm, listener  
Silver - graceful, insightful, sensible
Gold - wise, traditional, confident

Materials - beads in different colors, elastic cord (or yarn, string, ribbon), scissors

1.  Look at the list of colors above and the personality traits they are matched with.  
2.  Choose two or more traits to match your own personality.
3.  Pick out the corresponding colors. The more strongly you connect with a trait, the more beads of that color you can select.
4.  String the beads onto a piece of cord that will fit comfortably around your wrist.
5.  Tie the ends of the cord into a knot.
6.  Wear with pride!

After you've made your bracelet, you can make one for each person in your family. It can feel good to think about the qualities we appreciate in others. It's also fun to give gifts!

Inspiration - In making a bracelet, we are working with a small handful of large beads. Imagine spending five years carefully placing thousands of small glass beads! That's exactly what Liza Lou did in the "Kitchen", a life-sized installation in which every surface is composed of glass beads.  Liza Lou says this work is a memorial to labor, especially to what is traditionally seen as women's work. "Kitchen" is also a celebration of color.

There is much more to explore in the art of Liza Lou, and much more we could do with beads. Let's do both in a future post!

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